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Subaru Tire Pressure and Cold Weather

Keeping your tires at a healthy level of pressure is one of the keys to safety, traction, and overall performance from your Subaru. One of the enemies of good tire pressure is cold weather. Icy temperatures directly affect how quickly the air leaks out of your tires, which may be why your tire pressure warning light is flashing. Older vehicles don't have a warning mechanism that constantly monitors each tire for signs of leakage, but there are still ways to identify the status of your tires' air pressure. Under-inflated tires are more likely than properly filled ones to blow out, wear out too quickly, and to significantly reduce the fuel efficiency of your Subaru.

A few natural factors indicate a need to regularly check for low tire pressure. If you last had your tires filled in the summer months, the automobile expert will have optimized them, at the time, for maximum efficiency in hot weather. The leakage rate increases in cold weather, so this conditioning will have made the pressure drop significantly. During the winter months, it's important to check your tires at least once a month to avoid having to replace a tire or set of tires at an inconvenient time. Vehicles that are parked outside are more prone to leakage than those stored inside a garage.

To determine the status of your tires' inflation pressure, search your owner's manual for the recommended cold tire inflation PSI of your specific model. Make sure the tires are cold when they are being checked, as they tend to heat up during driving and can read inaccurately. This means the best time to check for good pressure is early in the morning before you've driven anywhere, while the tires are still cold. Once you have a good idea of the state of your tires' pressure and compared it with the PSI rating in your user manual, come visit us at AutoNation Subaru West for a refill. Our factory-trained technicians will provide the optimum pressure for this weather, and we offer both nitrogen and oxygen. Many experts are now recommending nitrogen because the molecules are larger than normal air, making leakage slower and less likely. Don't avoid taking care of this crucial element of your vehicle. Come visit us today for a tire pressure refill!

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